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Beautiful photography showing an "Ugly" side of city life. They come to life. Thank you. Your work is Inspiring. I want to see more!

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James Jones

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Great work, it's very unique and personal

Giorgio Iaksetich

Impressive work, congrats.

Alessandro Iacopini


Len Grusk

Amazing work!


Excellent work.. super !!


Hi Jonathan. Very nice pictures. It was nice meeting you in Gilbert's shop.

Romain H.

Amazing photographs.


Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all of us you actually realize what you're talking approximately! Bookmarked. Kindly also visit my web site . We will have a hyperlink exchange arrangement among us! eeffgaeadcbdcbee

Gert Jan

I really enjoyed going through your pictures Jonathan. I love your photography. You really are an observer of life. Greetings from the Netherlands, Gert Jan Hermus

Tristan D.

Not so easy to follow you in HK streets... So close, so dark.

Brian Jacobs

Amazing work....full stop. Almost make me want to just put down my camera and just look at your work.


Thank you for your pictures, made me want to know about you and them and me.


A fearless reality, impassioned, inspired, engaging, unedited and unapologetic. Everything I love about photography. Thanks for sharing.

David Guyler

Great moving images.

John Buckley

Ballsy, tough work. Powerful photography, and good for you.


I loved your blog article. Really Cool.


Great images, Jonathan. I want to know more and will be in touch!

Scott Freo

..amazing images! capturing life in the inner city streets in black and white adds more drama to the subject.

Peter | Prosophos

Fantastic images Jonathan.

Massimo De Dominicis

Le tue foto sono molto coinvolgenti, spesso sono immagini forti! Mi piace molto il tuo stile!

Kushal Prajapati

awesome work, most of pic said story behind pic, thats what i like


Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your photos.

Victor Saltmeris

These are very powerful images...which are also dark and beautiful at the same time...I just had to look at them again and again because they are photographically stunning...I am very glad to have found your site as I can now go back to it from time to time for the pleasure and inspiration it will give me..keep up the good regards

Stella from HK

Your angles, your in-depth presentation and the way you're making contrast, really fascinate me. I'm hoping to see more.

Kimberly Yeoh

Hi, I love your photos. It's what I've always wanted to do. I know everyone says pretty much the same thing to you. But my ambition is to travel to rural and despised areas to capture the way of living and their culture. Now, I'm not that skillful and brave enough to step out to that yet so I started in my hometown. But as soon as I stepped into street photography, I found the biggest problem is that.. how would you capture these dark sides? Do you ask for permission first or you shoot spontaneously? Cz I've been into situations that people shouting at me when I shoot without permission. And also I'm a girl. So that's sort of like a major concern cause it's comparatively more dangerous for female to travel around like that but I believe that you understand things like that are done alone most of the time... i hope to hear from you and get some ideas from you too. Thank you and I hope to see more of your work!


Love your works! It's like walking along with you on the backstreet, alley and old buildings....

You have a great eye, good work.

Dan James

Hi Jonathan, I have only just stumbled accross your images on flickr, some of the most poweful and intertesting shots I have seen in a long while. Be interesting to see if some of these ever become converted into a printed book. Kind regards Dan

Christina Jones

Your body of work is powerful.

Sono affascinato dalle tue immagini!

alexander groenewege

great shots , your can hear and smell HK via you B&W-shots




The other real side of HongKong. Well done Mr. Smith.


Fascinating. Great Work.

Shen Brandt

Powerful images of the other Hong Kong.

Marco from Italy

Very touching photos............ they confirm my impressions of a two days visit in Kowloon two years ago. I felt a different situation behind the lights; your pictures explain it very well. You've done a good job.

L. Maximus

Love your photos. Captures very intricate images. Viewing them brings a powerful emotion out from me. Thumbs up!


Someone has to show the truth, and here it is

John C Hurley, USAF, RET

Brought back memories My travels while in the military Viet Nam, Hong Kong, Thailand Siapore, Korea, Japan and many other, I always ventured off the beaten path and eat and sat with the people


These pictures have so many meanings! It makes me look at it over and over again!!! Thanks for your great effort to put life in to pictures and bring reality in to life! Please take more, cannot wait to see more!


Captivating. Took a closer look at my own country after seeing your pictures.

Colin Looi

Exotic. Gritty. Real. The HK I sought out when there.



Y K Wong



Beautiful work. Very true. Touching.


Found light in the darkness and also motivational approach. Congratulations


Striking work. Thank you.

Reg L. Carver

Love the integrity and artistry of your work.

Yusuf Manuel Lopez


Michael Y.L chan

Your photo is very inspiring and unveil another HK perspective. Many ppl are afraid taking photo with them

Eric Lui

Jonathan, thank you. Thank you for shooting these photos. They are very inspirational. The only memory i have was the good part. Hong Kong...does it really match our imaginations?

vic saltmeris

Lovely photos very inspiring

Billy R. Leung

Thank you for capturing and sharing the amazing images!

Darius Robertson

don't ever stop doing what you do, it's too amazing


the photos are more than words, just awesome

mark hobbs

Amazing work my friend - always a fan - great mood and 'darkness"

Photographs by Ben

Very inspirational..... You make me want to go shoot..... Cheers.


Fantastic photos....scary.......soulful......

Stephane F. (stf303)

Fantastic work. Is there any book available somewhere? I live in HK since 7 years and this is best portray I have seen. There are obviously many different ways to represent this city, and you have chose the dark way - if I can say. But what a brillant way to show a colorful (but in some ways dirty/decays) city - you master your art better than anyone else. Bravo!


very impressive


Nigel Christian crystalised what I feel when looking at the photos: "His respect end empathy for others is really evident in his images and gives his shots tremendous sensitivity. " - So true!


Amazing photographs to show what Hong Kong is like!

Lai Kit

Awesome! You bring another Hong Kong that I never seen before.


why u had to live in a sad place . u don't have to love


Some of the best work I've seen in a long time. Outstanding!

Roy Cheung

Amazing and shocking images. Even from a local HKer perspective.

Cris P. Lareo

Very powerful and spiring photos, thanks for sharing!


Brightest star in the sky today.


¡Magnificent Work! A hug from Colombia - South America




Blown away by your images.

Peter The Great

this is how photography should be, keep up the good work :)



Constance then



Like to see you shoot in Hong Kong!

Bastian Traunfellner

great work, very inspiring contrast and so much story behind every photo ^ carlos

sometimes i wonder :)


Very impressive~ Keep it up!


Impressive dark and gritty work. Regards from Sabah, Malaysia. :)


These are so great.


John Rowley

Beautiful photographs, very evocative. Created emotional responses in me so, in my opinion, truly art.



the real city

Friendly JOe


Markus, Finland

Lovely intimate and somehow unreal feeling in your pictures. Some of the pictures make me sad, like those people in your pictures were my frinds


love every piece of work u did^^


see!all people inspired your work dear ....go on!!!!!!


Sooo much vignetting, it ruins the photos.


see!all people inspired your work dear ....go on!!!!!!

piet facklam

extremely, great, powerful work


i like your galleries my dear always takecare evrytime you out....


beautiful work


Very well done Jonathan. Dark and restless. Take care.


see!all people inspired your work dear ....go on!!!!!!


I love your PIX ! Hav a look to mine, i think we have some ways of looking at Life quite similar (watch the série called "the day i met John " And let me know ;-) Florian

Levinia Brown

Being born in Hong Kong, growing up in the mainland and later in the West, the raw quality of this portraiture brings a kind of gravitas that I appreciate deeply. Powerful.

Jeff Tam

I grew up in Hong Kong but I feel like your street work shows me the city better than I've known it! Very impressive.

David Pandt

Live in Shanghai, been to Hong Kong many times; it's a city I really love. Very impressive work.

Jockey Full Of Bourbon

Your work has touched me.


Weather is cold, rainy and stormy


very inspiring photos!


Fantastic work Jonathan. Very intense, it really hit me.

Scott C. (Houston TX, Aberdeen, Scotland).

Black and White is my favorite style, and your photographs are most excellent. Thanks for sharing.

bevan h

magnificent work; and there is no voyeurism or exploitation here

Magnus Persson

Love B/W! Powerful, inspiring shots!

Dominique Tardy

Amazing, i'm a big fan of your work and follow you on flickr for a long time.


Like you photo very powerful.

modulus Mx

inspiring work. lovely. //Mx


Many feel the impact of your work is shocking

rod higginson-

inspiring work, thanks for sharing


A very powerful and cohesive collection depicting a world of subsistence, survival, very little joy and even less hope. Quite extraordinary.

anne rockwell

Beautiful and heart-rending work.


The photographs I like to see. A very personal point of view of street photography, I can find a story in every corner you've shot... Don't stop shooting.

Sean Wood

You have just blown my mind. Never have I see such an amazing set of pictures of HK that goes the place justice.


You've taken the viewer into a noir subculture; extremely evocative.


Salute to your effort and courage on working out the shots.

Doug Little




Gianluca Napoli

Great work!

Clode Visual

very inspirational! :-)

Osada Steve

Very powerful work!

Trevor Stoddart are an amazing photographer with an eye for composition like I've never seen. Very inspiring, very evocative.




Many thanks for sharing your work last night at the RGB get together. Very inspiring work especially for me as a beginner. A poignant way of displaying a side of Hong Kong that many of us do not see.


Got intro to this site by John Meldrum of Cathay Camera Club, a personal friend of mine. Love your photography -- and I don't say this easily when it comes to HK photography.

Wassim Diab

Impressive noir work. Very close up and personal. Keep it Up. I'll be checking your work on Flickr.

George Lopez

I wonder if the pictures you take to people, asking them permission shots or shots without asking permission. I await your reply. Thanks. Good work., I loved it. My email is

Leah Minium

Oh wow. Just insanely good.


Amazing black & white treatment


great work!

W. Prince

very impress


good work


like Melrose, I wish to be part of ur photo.

Jonathan Jacquet

Very impressive work, now i'm a fan ;)


Always beautiful lovely and inspired yr photos -- thank you for sharing with us.


Your work is great


wish to be part of ur poto. nice job.

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